Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today the mailman may have delivered the best package EVER … and confirmed, once again, how the 'best things' really do come in the smallest packages!

I’m sure many of you already have a few of Sharon de Vries’ wee treasures in your collections, but to be able to hold one of her knitted pieces is as close to miraculous, in the world of miniatures, as one might ever get. I’ll swear to the fact you’ll need two pair of magnifying glasses, on top of the ones you already wear, to see the intricate patterns and the almost imperceptible gauge ... and once seen you’ll swear too that you’ve gone dreaming the dream every miniature artisan or collector dreams …  you know … the one about being able to zap life-sized objects flawlessly down to scale, like Sharon appears to have done.  Having only seen enlarged photographs of her work, I never imagined it was so incredibly fine. It’s near impossible to compare the actuality of her work to the two-times-over magnification of those featured in photographs, although they do show the details beautifully, they fail to show the almost incomprehensible delicacy of the in-hand reality.

Pictured below, you’ll see five of her little creations set against an illustration from an antique baby book (a long christening gown, a matinee jacket, a cap and a pair of booties) and again, photographed on a silk baby jacket and another baby book. It took me a day and a half before I trusted myself to remove this little set from its presentation card, for fear I might ruin the perfection of it all … but I needed to photograph it to share my good fortune with you, although on the page only … ‘cause it's all mine, mine, MINE … yea! : )

And, many thanks to you dear friend, for sharing your remarkable talent with the world … I know your mum’s up there beaming down with pride!