Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SEVEN NEW FOLLOWERS ... what a great morning wake-up!

Kiva    @ Kiva's Miniatures
Linda   @Une Petite Folie
Malu    @Malu´s Minis
Peiwen @Le Petit Monde d'Oiseau
Susan   @Susan's Mini House
Nuria    @Las minis de Nuri
Susi      @ MiniEden


malu2 said...

Gracías,por tu bienvenida.Besos.

labergerebasque said...

I look at your photographs and I find it no wonder that the Irish and Basque feel such kinship.
Did you happen to see John McDevitt hold up the Basque flag prior to the Irland vs Spain football match "'In solidarity with our Basque friends, let's thrash the spanairds!’ :)
Éire Abú Felons Abú
Spain was the winner :/