Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello and Goodbye ... all in the same breath!

Just a short mini (ha!) post between a stop-over at home, and leaving for another job tomorrow. Glorious weather to work in ... finally, and just enough time in town to frolic through our annual Morro Bay citywide yard-sale last weekend! What fun, although I didn't find nearly as much as I did last year ... will post pix as soon as I return. Thanks everyone, for putting up with all this sporadic blogging ... hope to settle down, and have more time at home soon. Here's wishing everyone a sweet few weeks whilst all this lovely air is upon us and hoping too that springtime holds court longer than usual! This is my favorite season, and it seems to be rushing by way too fast for me to keep up!


What a lousy record keeper I turned out to be! I'm so sorry I can't remember the name of the gentleman who made the wee cup (about the size of a pencil eraser) and porringer (charmingly dented due to an unfortunate vacuum tragedy). I suppose I thought my memory would last forever, since I hardly ever use it, but alas, no such luck. However, I do remember he was from England, and that I bought it at the 'Good Sam' show in Santa Clara, California. The practically infinitesimal, curved handled baby spoon is by Pete Aquisto, whom I'm assuming has had to order new magnifying glasses rivaling the Hubble telescope, in order to have actually crafted a pattern on the handle of it. I also have a beautiful little cup Pete made that has 'Baby' engraved on it ... yup! ... new glasses for sure! All these pieces are sterling, and another porringer I have (a bit larger than this one) has a hallmark I'm sure no human can possibly read ... Hubble or no! For those of you unfamiliar with the term porringer (pronounced poor-en-jur) ... a porringer is a little bowl with a pierced, decorative handle (or sometimes two) made for baby's bit of porridge (e.g. oatmeal, mush, cooked cereal ... remember Goldilocks?). Nowadays they are almost always done in silver or pewter, and many times a spoon, a cup or a porringer, or all three in a set, are given as traditional christening gifts, meant to endure being passed down through several generations as treasured family heirlooms. I know one family whose little silver bowl has felt the grasp of so many tiny hands you'd be hard pressed to find space enough to engrave the name and date of birth of yet one more single newborn! In colonial times and earlier, porringers were used by adults as well, and came in a variety of materials. Hand carved, turned, or shaped by hand in bone, wood, ceramics and porcelain, they rarely survived the rigors of everyday use, so much so that serviceable antique pieces like them are extremely rare today and therefore quite collectible. Okay, I've worn my brain out trying to think of all these official sounding words! So ... grateful that you all must be ... I won't even begin to go into 'pap boats' during this lifetime, or the next.


Flora said...

Dear Monica, first of all thanks for the welcome and thanks for writing me an email, without which I could not understand your blog and appreciate your work as a photographer (I am the daughter of a good photographer, now deceased, unfortunately ...) and your excellent taste as miniaturist :-)
The pictures today are extraordinary: I can appreciate even without glasses!
I wish you good work and hope to see soon a new post :-)
Come see me when you want,
mini hugs, Flora

Norma said...

What wonderful little treasures. Enjoy your spring weather, we're well and truly into autumn down here.

Josje said...

Beautiful treasures! How lucky to find such beautiful miniatures at a yard-sale!

Monica said...

Dear Flora ... thanks so much for the lovely comment, and your kind appreciation of my photograpy, although I had a terrible time trying to photograph those tiny pieces of silver. Would love to see some of your father's work someday!

Thanks Norma ... not only do I love this weather, apparently the songbirds do as well ... there's a synphony right outside my window, and my little hummingbird is having a field day in the bank roses.

Josje ... so sorry I was confusing in my post, as the baby silver is from my collection ... next week I'll post photos of some of my unnecessary, but needful yard sale loot that includes a shoebox of tired old minis.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

¡ Cómo he disfrutado viendo estas maravillas!.
Son verdaderas joyas.Las fotografías también espectaculares, gracias por mostrarlas y también gracias por tu bienvenida.
Un beso