Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pencil sketch by Leslie Frazier
In memory of my beautiful, beloved mother ... you are missed beyond belief.


Mothers must draw a subtle line
Finer than any thread is fine

Must firmly hold, but never clutch
Must freely give, but not too much

Must stand apart, but not too far
Must heal the wound, but bless the scar

And falsely speaking, truly tell
And guarding, never guard too well

And hearing, fail to overhear
And fearing all things, have no fear

And loving, love each child the best
Yet not one child more than the rest


Heleni said...

Oh what a beautiful poem. I sit with goosebumps (kippenvel:Dutch expression)on my arms...


Flora said...

Thank you for the beautiful poem: looking at the photograph of your mom, I understand all the sweetness you feel for her ...
Now that I am a mother, as well as daughter, this celebration takes on another dimension ...
An affectionate hug,

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una entrada de lo más emotiva, con este poema tan hermoso,gracias por compartirlo.

Norma said...

A beautiful portrait to treasure along with all the special memories.

Bambi said...

Simply beautiful and oh so true x